Wasterwater Seminar Topics: Wastewater, Including Bio Reactors and Ponding Systems, Bio Dynamic/Organic Sustainable Farming, Turning a Liability into an Asset


Dear Winery Professionals:


You are cordially invited to a seminar on Winery Waste Water System Management.  There will be two seminars: one in Central California, Paso Robles on May 28, location Holiday Inn Express (805) 238-6500, 2455 Riverside Ave, Hwy 101 and 46.  The next in Northern California, Santa Rosa on May 29 is located at the Marriot Courtyard (707) 573-9000, Hwy 101 and 3rd street, take the downtown exit, west side of 101.  Each will begin at 10:00AM and last until noon.  Location is dependent on the numbers who respond.  Please respond promptly to reserve a seat.  Please register online at Elutriatesystems.com, and while you are at the website check out the posted, previously-published wastewater articles.  You may also call (209) 603-7350.


An overview will be presented of the different types of winery waste water systems available, required wastewater equipment and low-cost improvements to increase your current systems performance.  Effective means to increase the performance of your present system to meet the ever-decreasing discharge limits permitted by the Regional Water Quality Control Board will be discussed.  Remember, if a pond smells bad, it is not being managed correctly and is providing poor performance and making you liable for not hitting the permitted discharge limits.


Elutriate Systems is a firm which specializes in assisting wineries with all wastewater aspects, such as engineering and design, permitting, optimization and operation of waste water systems.  The tips and guidelines for running your waste water system will be invaluable.  The nature of the talk will be very practical and contain easy to implement improvements for any winery waste water system.


As we all know, winery wastewater management is increasingly becoming a hot issue.   The Regional Water Quality control Board has increased its staffing levels many time over.  Now the annual reports are actually being reviewed thoroughly.  Wineries who are vulnerable are those that are not hitting the numbers dictated in the discharge permit.  Established permits are being reviewed and tighter discharge thresholds are being implemented. BOD levels of 40 ppm are common in Napa and Sonoma County, with BOD loading rates of 100 lb per acre per day throughout the state.


Recently a very large winery in Escalon was issued a cease and desist order by the RWQCB, which in effect mothballs the facility.  It behooves everyone to become proactive about wastewater.  With the State of California being in financial straights, it is a poor time to be in a position where permit conditions are not being meet.   It could be analogous to handing the state a blank check.


The purpose of the seminar is to present information on practical ways to improve the wineries’ waste water systems performance.  If your present system is becoming too small due to increased production, the next generation of waste water systems will also be discussed. 


Please feel free to pass this invitation to your concerned colleagues, and bring your questions to the seminar.  It may be possible to arrange a tour of your facility for a free system review.


Additional Topics:

  • Bio Reactors utilized by the several large wineries in California, what they are and how they work
  • Bio Reactors placed before existing ponding systems.
  • Optimizing winery ponding systems including, system monitoring, pH control, Dissolved oxygen control and electrical cost reduction programs.
  • Bio Augmentation of winery ponding systems for improved results. Add B560 from Bio Systems (800) 232-2847
  • Biodynamic sustainable farming, compost tea.