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BioReactors, Winery Wastewater

This season three wineries will benefit from the BioReactors designed, installed and operated by Elutriate Systems.  The systems represent the most current method of reducing the high BOD (biological oxygen demand) levels associated with winery wastewater.  By optimizing the BOD digestion rate the systems size and subsequent cost are also reduced.

Bio Reactors “convert a liability into an asset”, the byproduct is a type of “compost tea” and effluent that can be used as irrigation water.  “Compost Tea” is replacing the need of both pesticides and fertilizers and is very sustainable and is utilized by those farming with organic and Biodynamic principles.

Hahn's Soledad, will utilize a Bio Reactor Pond system which incorporates a fine bubble diffuser aeration system, rotary blowers controlled by dissolved oxygen sensors and variable frequency drives to optimize electricity usage and dissolved oxygen levels in the Bio Reactors.  Also between the two ponds is a series of 3 clarifiers to capture and return the aerobic bacteria to the high incoming BOD influent.

Deerfield Winery, a new biodynamic winery located in Kenwood, headed by Robert, PJ and Martin Rex.  The pristine area would not allow the space required of traditional pond solution, the BioReactor system is operated in batch mode.  The system is empty when crush starts, the wastewater is digested as the tanks fill.  Last year producing 18,000 cases they produced about 30,000 gallons of high BOD effluent 7500 ppm, this was digested and land applied at a BOD level below 40 ppm.  The system was then filled with barrel and bottling effluent and again digested and emptied before crush and so the cycle begins.  The system is also configured to run as a continual flow system.

Beckmen Winery, an established biodynamic winery in Los Olivos, headed by Tom and Steve Beckmen.  The compact size and complete solution made sense to Tom, and he saw the technical advantage to reducing the BOD in such a quick and efficient manner.  The treated effluent and “comp[ost tea” byproduct, aerobic bacteria will be land applied to an adjacent apple orchard, which are the best apples ever and made installing the BioReactor a treat.

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