ZD Winery gets a Winery Waster System Expansion; And then plants vines on top.

8383 Silverado Trail, Napa, Ca

Elutriate Systems (805) 474-9390 worked with ZD winery to expand the ability of the existing
winery process wastewater treatement system. This was accomplished by adding an aeration
basin, rotary blower, pH control and Dissolved oxygen control. Bill Vandervall of Vanderval
Engineering (707) 279-4887, provided the Civil Engineering; The Control System was designed
by Juan Mota of Mota Automation (707) 703-4216

The expansion was technically challenging, the 30,000 case winery is located on 6 acres, and
to save space the decision was made early on to bury the system. (1) 10,000 gallon fiberglass
settling tank and (2) 12,000 aeration tanks were buried and vines were planted on top of them.
The sequencing of the tank installation was challenging due to the amount of dirt needed to be
removed and the tight time frame when the system was not being utilized. The task was done
flawlessly by Gary McCollum, McCollum Engineering (707) 252-6220

The treated effluent is blended with irrigation water and applied to the vineyard and surrounding
landscaping. ZD winery is both Organic and Sustainable and reusing treated winery process
effluent as “compost tea” just makes sense. This is another level of sustainability, reusing winery
process effluent as a beneficial byproduct.

The ESBR (Elutriate Systems Bio Reactor) powerful and optimized aeration allows for rapid
BOD digestion. The pH is optimized along with the dissolved oxygen level to provide an
idealized and efficient Winery wastewater system. The systems usually qualify for an energy
rebate form PG&E, but due to the large size of the solar system at ZD they don’t pay a PG&E
bill so did not receive a rebate.





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