Shale Oak  Winery, 4,000 case winery in Paso Robles, utilizes an
ESBR (Elutriate Systems Bio Reactor)

3345 Oakdale Rd, Paso Robles


ShaleOak Winery, owned by Al Good utilizes an ESBR to rapidly and efficiently digest the
high BOD effluent typical of wineries.

The winery is LEED certified and is designed to incorporate sustainability and efficiency
from the ground up.  The ESBR was able to utilize used fiberglass tanks, placed on gravel
ringwalls, not only reusing materials (A LEEDs objective), but also saving costs.

The treated effluent will be used in irrigation and the ESBR will also be utilized for rain
harvesting in the winter to minimize the wineries impact on the land.




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