Matrix  Winery, (the ol’ Rabbit Ridge Winery) rebuilt, properly permitted with an
ESBR (Elutriate Systems Bio Reactor), 3291 Westside Road Healdsburg

Matrix Winery, 50,000 case winery, owned by Ken Wilson, utilizes an ESBR to rapidly and
efficiently digest the high BOD effluent typical of wineries.
  The system is designed to process
the effluent and convert it into “compost tea” for the nearby vineyard.

Due to the nature of the 40 acre parcel, the ESBR was the best winery wastewater solution. 
The small footprint allowed for the system to be obscured behind a large winery storage
building, and utilized a previously unused area of the winery.

The ESBR was built around used fiberglass tanks, the used tanks reduced the cost of the
system, and are seismically stable which allowed them to be put on a gravel ringwall







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