Grassini  Winery, 15,000 case winery in Los Olivos, utilizes an ESBR
(Elutriate Systems Bio Reactor)

1175 Alisos Rd, Los Olivos

Grassini Winery, owned by Larry Grassini utilizes an ESBR to rapidly and efficiently
digest the high BOD effluent typical of wineries.

Due to the bucolic nature of the winery, the ESBR was the best winery wastewater solution. 
The system was buried in the ground utilizing (3) 5,000 gallon concrete vaults, and landscaped.

The excavation and tank installation was done by Ray Barnett of California Backhoe Service
(805) 896-2048

The treated effluent, aerobic “Compost Tea” will be land applied to the irrigation system and
applied to an adjacent vineyard.






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