Soda Rock Winery Back on line with an ESBR (Elutriate Systems Bio Reactor)

8015 Hwy 128, Healdsburg

The old Soda Rock Winery is being revitalized by Ken Wilson.  The 50,000 case winery
located on 4 acres, utilizes an ESBR to rapidly and efficiently digest the high BOD
effluent typical of wineries.

The treated effluent will be land applied to an old established vineyard and to the landscaping.

The ESBR was built around used fiberglass tanks, the used tanks reduced the cost of the system,
and are seismically stable which allowed them to be put on a gravel ringwall foundation.

(2) of the (8) tanks shown are being used as fire water storage, and the installation will be
screened by redwood trees soon.






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