Elutriate Systems earns PG&E rebates for California Wineries

Company uses unique system to convert wastewater to “compost tea”


Arroyo Grande – Elutriate Systems, owned and operated by Glenn Wensloff (BSME Cal
Poly ’86), earned three California wineries a rebate for energy efficiency. The wineries are
Matrix Winery and Soda Rock in Healdsburg, and Grassini Winery in Los Olivos. Elutriate
specializes in Bio Reactors that convert winery wastewater into “compost tea”, “converting
a liability into an asset” or healthy and sustainable irrigation water use. “Our process
provides a cost-effective and sustainably correct method for wineries to handle wastewater,”
said Wensloff. “And the energy used is optimized and qualifies for several rebates.


The rebate program is a PG&E incentive to promote energy savings programs.  The Bio
Reactor from Elutriate Systems, ESBR, utilizes a dissolved oxygen control and Variable
frequency drive system to match the speed of the aeration to the fluctuating demand. 
This saves 70% of the power that would be required for a typical winery.  Due to the
seasonal and varying BOD loading the aeration requirement also changes, the control
system optimizes the energy requirement and providing consistent results.


The Elutriate system,” said Steve Lock, owner of Excluse Winery in Paso Robles,
and previous ESBR and rebate recipient, “has been the cornerstone of movement in the
past year to growing more sustainably. By converting our winery waste water to compost
tea we are generating a product which is extremely beneficial to the vineyard and reusing
all the water used for winey cleaning.


Winery wastewater management is becoming a growing concern in wine production. The
wastewater generated by a winery is high in biological oxygen demand (BOD), which
occurs due to high levels of dissolved sugars during crush and alcohol after fermentation.
This BOD is converted into an asset and utilized in growing beneficial bacterial.  The Bio
Reactors used by Elutriate are custom sized and configured to the customers operation.
The system utilizes pH control, fine bubble diffusers, tanks (above or underground), rotary
blowers and a clarifier to capture the bacteria for return to the waste stream







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