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Dear Winery Owners, Wine Makers and Professionals


A quick note regarding your wastewater system before the upcoming wastewater challenge, crush of 2004.

As we all know the crush period is the most demanding of wastewater systems, and there are simple and effective ways of optimizing your current wastewater system.  Let’s schedule a system review of potential improvements and begin to establish a budget for your system upgrade, a quick before season review and optimization, cost $500. 

Bio Dynamic Viticulture, in essence viewing a liability, winery effluent as an asset.  The high BOD (biological oxygen demand) wastewater when digested in an aerobic fashion is the best soil additive available.  This is known in organic gardening circles as “Compost Tea”.  It is a cradle to grave cycle; the energy flowing from the ground to the vines is returned in the effluent of the crush, is just makes sense.  The result is the reduction and potential elimination of costly (financially and environmentally) pesticides and fertilizers.

Utilize Bio Augmentation, Bio Systems B560 (800) 232-2847; by adding a very unique and effective bio blend to the high BOD winery waste steam, effective BOD reduction occurs.  This can be utilized in Ponds and Bio Reactor style systems.   By optimizing the bio mass the best Bio digestion occurs for the lowest levels of effluent discharge.  Register to win a “Free Bucket of Bugs”, $350 value, register at Elutriatesystems.com

This bacteria blend is utilized by; Kendal Jackson, Canandaigua, Viansa, Grapco, Byron, Central Coast Wine Systems, Castaro Cellars, Santa Pieta, Shenandoah, Silver Oaks Cellars, Premium Wine Storage,Van Ruiten Taylor and ZD Wines, 

Screening systems;

Bar screens are the way to go they eliminate a pumping station, by using a bar screen before the effluent is pumped, the grapes and pieces in the effluent are not further broken, blended, thereby reducing the BOD (dissolved sugars) released.

Rotary Screens are the next most effective way to remove large solids from the waste stream followed by parabolic screens. In effectiveness, and in regards to BOD digestion they are a very efficient means of BOD reduction.

PH Control and Stabilization: As in any systems, stabilizing variations in the process is key to predictable results. By pH adjusting and stabilizing pH variations in the effluent the best BOD reduction can be obtained.

Aeration Systems: 5 times more oxygen transfer than floating aerators, use 5 times less power for the same oxygenation of the wastewater pond.

Bio Reactors; By adding a Bio Reactor up stream of an existing wastewater pond system the effluent is predigested, the BOD levels are greatly reduced and the load to the ponds is removed.   The permitted discharge numbers can be continually achieved.  The above may be required due to facility expansion or discharge level reduction, or for facilities locating within city sewer service.

The “Winery Wastewater Solution”

Bio Reactor Technology

Bio Dynamic Viticulture

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The “Winery Wastewater Solution”